June 9th, 2013 | Posted in KSP | Comments Off on Mis-Communication

Sometimes no matter how clear you think you are being in what you say, people get the absolutely most incorrect idea of what you’re talking about.

For example I was talking to some folks at the Nutjob HIlls diner the other day about a “vermin problem” that I had. The context of what I said made it clear that the “vermin” that I was referring to was, in fact, yoga guy and his psychotic drive to play the loudest, most offensive “music” possible while he does his yoga exercises at four am every day.

In spite of how clear I’m certain that I was (hey, everybody else got it), one guy insisted on telling me that all I needed to do was get some maxforce fc and apply it as directed and all of my vermin problems would be solved within a couple of days.

I’ll grant you that using something like that would in fact resolve the current problems that I and the rest of the neighborhood have with yoga guy, I’m pretty certain that it would only open up another can of worms that could take twenty years to life to solve.

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