Weren’t We Done With This?

July 13th, 2013 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Weren’t We Done With This?

That’s what I was asking myself when I found out about yet anther batch of “Bob rumors” surfaced. I really don’t get why it is that these continue when I know for a fact that there is zero reason for them in the slightest.

In any event I’ll admit that this one is at least a little bit creative. According to the anonymous rumormonger responsible for this batch of tripe Bob has taken a serious liking to Thai food. This part is no mystery, Bob has always been a fan of Thai food and has never made any secret of it.

The creative part however is that because his interest has grown so much he’s allegedly decided to move to Thailand and of course, Bob being Bob, such a thing cannot possibly be done in any way but exceptional excess.

Accordingly the rumor goes on to claim that while Bob wants to live there he has been unable to decide where in Thailand he wants to settle down and so he allegedly decided to buy several places so that he can move around from one to another any time the mood struck him.

But could he just buy a few houses or condo’s? Nope, not Bob. The rumormonger insists that Bob’s solution was to buy an entire chain of exclusive thailand hotels and permanently reserve the presidential suite at each one for himself so that he effectively lives all over the country and doesn’t really have to settle for any one location.

Apparently the reason for this is that Bob wants to be able to be near whichever restaurant that serves the best version of whatever Thai dish that he happens to be craving that week. Owning a chain of hotels apparently makes this easy.

All of this is moot of course because, as I said, I know full well that there is no reason for these “rumors” and that Bob has NOT in fact bought any hotel chains. He does like Thai food but he doesn’t need to travel all over the world for it when he’s got a perfectly good Thai cookbook that features a number of excellent dishes.

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