Profiting From Noise

July 20th, 2013 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Profiting From Noise

Yoga guy has taken a new tack. Now not only is he continuing in his quest to create the loudeds, most hideous mashup of noise for his four am front yard exercises but now it seems that he’s turned it into a business.

For example recently he was talking to some local musicians trying to convince them that it’s actually a privelege to “perform” at his exercise sessions. He’s claiming that this will actually be a path to “the big time”. All the would be star has to do is buy bass flute at WWBW, spend 30 minutes learning how to play it, and then show up at yoga guy’s front yard at four am sharp.

The really amazing part of this is that he’s actually getting people to fall for this. Every night there’s at least a dozen new faces showing up with brand new gear and zero talent or ability.

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