The New Band

August 1st, 2013 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on The New Band

Yoga guy has apparently had quite an influence on the Nutjob Hills music community. It seems that one side effect of his efforts to put together the loudest, most horrible sounding four am “concerts” to serve as “music” for the exercises that he likes to do in his front yard at four am have gone a long way to convince a lot of people that talent and training are not at all important if you want to be a musician.

This is something that the comparatively few actual good musicians are being more and more vocal about. They have been having a harder and harder time trying to convince people that talent is very important and training is even more important. That without at least one or the other you’re never going to amount to anything in the music world.

However people are liking what yoga guy has to say so much more because it means that it takes less time, effort and money to get started. One example is a new local band. They’ve all followed yoga guy’s teachings. They went and bought some cort bass guitars at guitar center and started gathering at one guy’s garage and practicing.

I happened to drive past the place the other day on the way to the grocery and the sound coming out of that place resembled that of some kind of animal being tortured rather than being anything remotely resembling music.

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