Give Credit Where It’s Due

February 15th, 2009 | Posted in Advertising, affiliate marketing, Landing Page, Making money, Marketing, sales copy, Sales Pages | Comments Off on Give Credit Where It’s Due

Quotes in sales copy are as good as gold. They lend authority to what you’re saying about your product and it’s benefits. Especially if you can include some kind of contact information that allows your reader to check out your quotes. Generally speaking most people won’t but knowing that you’ve made it possible for them to do so increases your credibility by a lot.

Not only should you quote yourself (hey, you know your product, right?) and quote others in pull quotes and testimonials. The more valuable your source, the more important it is that you make sure to show who said it.

A caution is that any quotes you use really does need to be something that the person being quoted actually said. You cannot simply say that “Guru so and so said …. “, you need to quote something that was actually said and include the full name of the person you’re quoting. Anonymous quotes have much less authority than those that include names.

Done right, this simple quoting of authorities in your copy helps build your authority and increases your credibility in the eyes of your visitors and brings them that much closer to conversion.

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