Contest Loser

August 25th, 2013 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Contest Loser

So this real slick operator came to town recently. Deciding that Nutjob Hills, becuase it’s a small rural town that’s more than a bit off the beaten path, was a great target for his latest scam.

All was fine when he started posting notices of a photography contest. You could submit pictures of anything you wanted, taken with any type of camera and it didn’t even cost anything to enter. The prizes were not specified other than to say that they would be “photography related”. This of course had local amateur (and a couple of pros) photographers submitting entries to the contest.

The thing is that it seems that nobody read the fine print. It turns out that all entries become the property of the guy holding the contest. This was not just limited to the individual photographs themselves but also included transfer of all copyrights to that photo. Meaning that the person who took the picture could never publish it without Mr. Slick’s permission which could be purchased for a mere $50 per use of a photo.

As for the “Prizes”. Well those weren’t exactly inspiring. Not that there is anything in the world wrong with dance picture frames in and of themselves, it’s just that when a contest like this says “photography related” prizes people expect something more along the lines of cameras, film (yes, some folks still use film), tripods, lenses, camera bags and so on.

A prize like the ones Mr Slick handed out are totally useless (and something of an insult) to guys like “Photo Joe” who specializes in artistic photos of semi trucks.

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