Is Paypal Hurting Your Conversions?

February 17th, 2009 | Posted in affiliate marketing, Making money, Marketing, Money Issues, sales copy | Comments Off on Is Paypal Hurting Your Conversions?

In spite of the fact that there are more “internet savvy” people out there than ever before, there are still a LOT of folks that have never used online payment processors like paypal. There’s also a good number of people that have no intention of starting. Either because they have some reason not to trust it or because they simply want to stick with the credit cards that they’re familiar with.

Because of this, a strict reliance on Paypal to handle your payments can cost you potential transactions. If you only take Paypal, there’s a significantly large group of people who will never do business with you.

Make no mistake, Paypal is a great way to handle payments but it’s a good idea to remember that instead of *JUST* having a paypal payment button, it’s a great idea to use features that Paypal offers that allow you to accept payment from any of a variety of credit cards. This way if somebody doesn’t have a paypal account or doesn’t want one, they still have a payment option that they’re comfortable with and you have the convenience of getting your money via paypal.

One idea worth considering would be a few pages in the help or faq section of your site that explains in detail how to create a paypal account. This would also be a good place to have some discreetly placed paypal affiliate links for people to use for creating new accounts.

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