Sound Defense

December 5th, 2013 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Sound Defense

So with yoga guy on the rampage again, doing his level best to insure that as many people as possible hear his “music” whether they want to or not one local kid has come up with a unique way to handle it.

He decided that the best way to go was to do something that cancels out the music. He got a bunch of electronic gear together and built a circuit. He got a set of denon headphones at guitar center and wired the new sound processing circuit to the headphones.

According to him it takes the sound input and then does a bunch of stuff to actually cancel out the “music” that yoga guy is playing more and more often, leaving only the things that he doesn’t mind hearing.

The only problem is that the whole system isn’t very portable because it requires three phase 240 volts to power it.

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