A Business Without Paypal Automatically Loses Profit

February 18th, 2009 | Posted in affiliate marketing, Making money, Marketing, Monetizing Blogs, Money Issues, Sales Pages | Comments Off on A Business Without Paypal Automatically Loses Profit

Given what I said recently about relying only on Paypal, You have to realize that in today’s internet economy having Paypal as one of the ways (if not the primary) you accept payment is always a smart move. In fact, I’d say that accepting Paypal payments is as important to online business as video cards are to desktop computers.

Paypal has become the main internet payment processor by a long way. As long as you continue having other forms of payment, Paypal has considerable reassuring effect on people for whom their biggest experience buying online is shopping on Ebay or Amazon.

To many people, Paypal represents online payment security that they trust. In fact, lots of people may have never done business online in any way other than Paypal.

Paypal is truly one of the internet marketer’s best friends because of how they’ve enabled practically anyone to take online payments safely and securely. Because of this, they’ve been the key to many an online business.

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