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So I was having coffee at the Nutjob Hills Diner the other morning as is my custom. What can I say? They make good coffee and I get to hear all manner of things that keep me up to speed with the latest goings on around here.

That morning as I enjoyed a particularly excellent brew the usual locals were talking about the usual things. Joy B. was threatening to run for city council in spite of the fact that her husband was dead set against the idea, a group of high school kids were planning to TP the house of one of their friends because his cell phone was the wrong color and Ralph was telling the waitress how he had invented a pill that, when dissolved into water created an acid that could burn through literally anything. He just needed to invent something that could hold the acid and he’d make a fortune.

In short, normal Nutjob Hills kinda things. Then a couple of guys sat down at the table behind me. It sounded to me almost like they were talking in code. One of them said that the others big problem was that his strings were all wrong but that could be easily fixed. He could get some exceptional dean markley at musicians friend.

So my outstanding powers of deductive reasoning told me that they were talking about something related to music but I still for the life of me had no idea what a dean markley was….. a musician? a singer? Some off brand (or elite brand??) of instrument? I had literally never heard the term or name dean markely before that moment. As a result I had to open the laptop and Google it. Turns out it’s a brand of guitar strings. Shows what I know about music. For all I knew it could have been an Abbott and Costello style comedy team.

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