Seven Secrets Of Marketing Gurus

February 19th, 2009 | Posted in affiliate marketing, Making money, Marketing | 1 Comment

Let’s face it. Achieving success in Internet marketing isn’t really as easy as it looks when you first decide to get started. You keep seeing and hearing all of those success stories about this or that IM guru who started out as a regular schmuck in a dead end job going nowhere at warp speed and ends up being one of the richest guy’s around.

Everybody looks at people like that and think how lucky they are but actually, “luck” has very little to do with it. They succeed because have figured out the secrets of success. Secrets that anyone who implements them can duplicate their success.

There’s two basic types of involved, external and internal. I’ll start out with a list of external secrets that any successful Internet Marketer will be using in their efforts.

Secret #1: Strategy

Successful marketers recognize that strategy has to be the foundation of their marketing plan. They realize that it’s critical to have an actual marketing strategy instead of simply a list of marketing techniques. They take the time to research. Not just their product but the market as well. There’s no point in promoting a product that the market simply isn’t buying.

Secret #2: Focus

Their focus is on selling products and services in specific niche markets. Niche marketing is becoming THE big thing today. By focusing on a particular thing, they’ve already cut out most of their potential competition because for example, somebody whose focus is Outer Banks rentals isn’t going to be a competition to the marketer whose focus is North Carolina vacations. In fact, if those two marketers were to cooperate and combine their efforts, both of them would stand to make a lot more money because even though each would stay focused on their own niche, they could coordinate their efforts to increase profits for both of them.

Secret #3: Untapped Markets

Always on the lookout for an untapped market. They look for people that haven’t had access to their product before. In an untapped market you don’t need to deal with competitors and that lowers their marketing costs. Not only that but they’re able to establish a trust relationship with their customers.

Secret #4: Diversity

Diversity is an important factor in their success. They work to establish several different profit centers. This allows them to sell their products and services in more markets to more customers. This diversifies a business so that they’re bringing in money from many different sources.

Secret #5: Automation

They try to automate as much as possible. This will allows them to sell 24/7 online. Automating their sales systems cuts down costs and allows you to continue making sales regardless of the time of day.

Secret #6: Branding

Successful Marketers set up their business so that they are replaceable. This is possible by branding. The key is that they don’t brand themselves but instead, brand their expertise. This way they’re still in control of their time.

Secret #7: Team Building

They don’t work alone. Instead a successful marketer will build a team that supports their business venture. They put together a team of people with skills in marketing, promotion, sales and so on.

There’s also some “internal” secrets. Not only do they believes in their product, they have self confidence. They can make decisions quickly. They have learned from observing others that have achieved success. They know that they cannot be afraid to make mistakes and that their job doesn’t define who they are. Most of all, they never give up no matter what gets in their way.

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One Response to “Seven Secrets Of Marketing Gurus”

  1. Best part!

    “Not only do they believes in their product, they have self confidence.”

    And THAT’s what keeps you going thru the good times and the bad.

    Data points, Barbara

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