I Hate Phone Salesmen

February 4th, 2014 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on I Hate Phone Salesmen

You know the kind, they call you at three A.M. and start blathering on about how they’ve got this super fantastic limited time offer that you just have to jump on right now.

The problem is that these days they’re often not even human. In actuality most of these calls are made by computers. It may save the marketing people a lot of money but it irritates the snot outta me.

Like for example, the other day this one calls and starts going on about this really fantastic affordable roland micro cube rx bass at guitar center. The voice goes on extolling the virtues of this awesome product and the limited time offer until such time as you either give in or hang up on it.

Because it’s automated you cannot interrupt it except by pressing 1 to purchase what they’re selling. Worse yet, their phone systems are jiggered in some way that, if you hang up on them, the robot does not hang up, keeping your phone line busy and unable to receive incoming calls until it finally lets loose.

I don’t doubt that this thing from roland is quality merchandise that does it’s job great. However I personally don’t know the first thing about music beyond what I like to listen to. Further, I don’t want to know more than that. I’ve no interest in learning or playing an instrument at this point in my life. Maybe in fifty or sixty years but certainly not now. Therefore I have no need to know about, hear about or have some evil phone robot wake me up at 3 A.M. and tie up my phone for hours.

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