Eccentric Or Just Crazy

February 18th, 2014 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Eccentric Or Just Crazy

When does a person stop being merely a bit eccentric and starts being just plain old fashioned crazy?

For example I’d say that Joline is one local Nutjob Hills resident that has clearly crossed the line. it started out that she just had to have a service come in and take care of daily cleaning tasks in her home. Then she started going through crews, each time she fired one for “not doing it good enough”. Soon the one service ran out of new crews to send so she started hiring from other services. Most recently she’s contracting to have crews from a cleaning service in raleigh nc come all the way out here to do the job with the promise of food & lodging for the duration of their stay *IF* and only if they do the job to her satisfaction.

After going through three crews she seems to have settled on one and they’re now more or less permanently stationed at the Nutjob Hills Motel, working three 8 hour shifts a week at her home.

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