Using Restaurant Profit Secrets Online

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Brick and mortar business has spent thousands of years exploring and learning the secrets of selling and there’s no reason why internet marketers cannot learn from all that experience and knowledge. Bear in mind the number one objective of any business is to convert prospects into paying customers.

The product or service that business provides is, in a way, secondary to the point of converting the prospect into a paying customer. It, along with it’s various benefits, are the main incentives that a business uses to convince the potential customer into the paying real thing.

One good example to draw from is the restaurant business.

Where the internet marketer has a landing page, the restaurant has a dining area and a menu. The appearance and reputation is the advertisement and the people walking by the front of the restaurant is the potential market.

Once a customer has decided to enter, (read your sales letter, clicked on your link in search results, Etc) they have shown their interest in buying. Your job is to make it as easy as possible to decide on their final purchase while at the same time making the choice of leaving the table without ordering as unappealing as you can without offending the customer.

The task of the menu is to keep people interested enough to stay at their table (your website) until they finally make their purchase.

There is a lot to be learned from restaurant menus. They serve to keep all the choices gathered together in an easy to get to place. The main favorite selections are kept on while the rest of the menu is rotated occasionally. This allows you to “split test” your choices and keep the choices down to a minimum.

“Why limit choices?”

Because the more choices there are, the more difficult it’s going to be to make a final decision. The way to help them have an easier choice is to give fewer choices. In the end you increase conversions by limiting choices and giving away free bread sticks (those discounts, free reports, Etc.) that show them you have good product and also can actually make them feel almost obligated to purchase from you.

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