Huh? What?

April 11th, 2014 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Huh? What?

Every once in a while you find out something that just leaves you speechless and all you can say is something like “Huh? What?”.

Such is the case in the most recent development concerning whether or not yoga guy is going to move. The rumors have continued to fly about as people share every speculation about what he is or is not doing and why.

I saw a delivery truck arrive at his house yesterday and he took delivery of several large boxes. This in itself is nothing new. Such deliverys have happened a lot over the last few years, they usually consist of various and sundry instruments and sound equipment to be used to keep everyone in the neighborhood awake.

Imagine then my surprise when I got out my camcorder and used it to zoom in on one of the boxes. It was full of wholesale jewelry. I cannot begin to imagine what he’s going to do with what must be at least six cubic feet of jewelry.

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