Inappropriate Footwork

September 11th, 2014 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Inappropriate Footwork

Some people can be real sticklers for detail. Especially when it comes to more high profile parties and suchlike. People like this are the bane of Harry’s existence.

Not only does he constantly run afoul of one or more such people who have very set in stone ideas about how something should be done but usually he manages, completely without trying, to grate the worst possible nerve of such people.

A good example is a recent party that he had somehow gotten invited to. (why he gets invited when the people know he’s the most likely one to offend them I’ll never understand. I guess it’s their idea of protocol or something) Anyway.. he gets invited and of course he shows up because he’s a really social guy. Loves parties and special events of all kinds where he can meet lots of new people as well as catching up with friends & such.

Well, the story goes that all was well though most of the evening. Then suddenly, about an hour before the event was to end, Harry was summarily ejected from the premises. Why? Because apparently he managed to offend the organizers (big surprise). Seems that he was seen dancing with an attractive young lady (which is fine of course) however the organizers saw that they were performing what they called a “wedding dance” and that this particular dance was somehow grossly inappropriate for this particular social occasion. Something about the guest of honor being a confirmed bachelor.

If I was Harry, I’d try to be more particular about what invitations I accepted.

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