Big Help Irving

October 22nd, 2014 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Big Help Irving

Recently (as in for the last six months or more) I’ve been having problems with the external speakers I use on my laptop. I use them because the built in speakers and associated sound system are a complete joke. Even at max volume I can barely hear anything through them.

The external speakers I use are old. I’ve had them for over ten years and they were bought second hand so I have zero idea how old they really are.

These days it’s common for me to have to futz around with the positioning of the wires to get any sound to come out of them at all. Sometimes the only fix is to literally hit the one that the power line goes into as hard as I can repeatedly.

Needless to say this is really getting old. I can’t just run out and buy new ones because “spare” money is never a thing in my house. I need every cent for bills.

So along comes Irving with a “solution”. He sends me an email with a link to that he says will solve all my problems. All I have to do is let him hook it up backwards.

So I looked at it. It’s a microphone. Somebody please tell me why in God’s creation I would use a microphone as a speaker. Yeah, I know that they both work essentially the same way, converting electrical signals to or from sound but really… does anybody actually do this?

Somehow I doubt it.

Thanks Irving. That was a big help there.


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