Hidden Profit In Your Contact Details

February 23rd, 2009 | Posted in Advertising, affiliate marketing, Design, Landing Page, Making money, Marketing, sales copy, Sales Pages, Websites | 2 Comments

Do you even remotely know how many people don’t make a purchase because there are no contact details showing anywhere that they can be easily found? I honestly don’t know if there’s any hard numbers but I’m certain that there are a lot of people who decide not to do business with a website because they can’t find any contact details that they can use in the event they have problems.

I am very much an advocate of online anonymity and the right of people to use anonymity to maintain their privacy. However, when it comes to an online business, anonymity doesn’t have near as much value. If your customers can’t look at your contact details and feel like there’s an actual human they can reach in the event they have problems, they’ll be that much more confident in you as a seller.

The first thing to do is provide an email address that includes a name (it doesn’t *have* to be an actual real name, however using Ralph@yourdomain.com has a lot more personal touch than info@yourdomain.com)

It’s also a good idea to provide a phone number and an actual mailing address (avoid p.o. boxes if possible). Few, if any, people will ever use that contact information but it’s presence there will be another step in building confidence.

Don’t make the mistake of allowing yourself to lose sales to anonymity out of worries of being overrun with contacts. Most people are really loathe to actually use that contact information. In most cases they just need to see that it’s there.

To help keep your contact address from getting inundated with Spam, Get a good anti-spam solution working on it and spend some time to fine tune it’s settings to minimize the chance of losing valid messages. If worst should come to worst, create a new contact address, delete the old one and update that part of your website to show the new one.

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2 Responses to “Hidden Profit In Your Contact Details”

  1. If worried about the phone issue being busy when providing a phone number you can have it go to a message, which can give the customer email details and allow the customer to leave there concerns. That way if the message is not too important the customer you can advise in message to email, if it is important you can tell from the message. Either way it allows automation and customer confidence.. 🙂

  2. Another idea would be to get a cell phone and use that number for contact info on your site. If you never use that number for anything else and never give it to anyone then you know that calls on it are about your business. If the number starts getting spammed with crap calls, just get a new number.