Just What We DON’T Need, ‘Captcha’ Tech Improvements

April 23rd, 2008 | Posted in Blogging, Comment Spam, Hot Topics | Comments Off on Just What We DON’T Need, ‘Captcha’ Tech Improvements

I just read a Slashdot Item about the next generation in ‘Capcha’ technology. These bright young researchers have come up with a two step captcha system that in the first step, shows you a graphic with several overlapping images and asks you to figure out the geometric center of one and click on it. The second step shows you a picture and asks you to choose one word from a list to annotate it. If you want, you can try a demo of the new captcha..

I tried it and while it’s not that hard to deal with, I have a problem with captchas in the first place. I understand that there’s a need to verify that somebody is a human and not a robot, but visual captchas are often very difficult to read. Entirely too many of them use super light, faded misshapen letters on a light pastel / off-white background. Talk about a recipe for eyestrain!

If I have to have a captcha, and I do in the comments of several blogs, I prefer the kind that doesn’t require eyestrain in order to read them. Hopefully the anti-comment-spam plugin that I use for WordPress, Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam, will continue to use the non-eyestrain images that it has so far.

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