The New Hobby That Wasn’t

December 12th, 2014 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on The New Hobby That Wasn’t

I walked into the Nutjob Hills Diner yesterday morning and found several people engaged in an excited sounding discussion. When the waitress came with my coffee (I rarely have to ask for coffee anymore, small towns are great that way) she asked me if I’d heard the news.

I hadn’t of course. I never watch tv anymore and I normally try to avoid “news” since it’s almost always bad or just plain wrong.

She told me that yoga guy had gotten another shipment late yesterday afternoon. This much I knew about but had been too busy working on something to try to find out what manner of musical torture he had in store for us this time.

She cheerfully told me that he was changing hobbies. It seems that a few people cornered the delivery driver and asked what it was he had dropped off. His answer was an “electronic kit“.

Somehow I had a hard time processing the image of yoga guy sitting in a quiet room pouring over wires and electronic components wielding a soldering iron instead of his normal horrifying excuse for “music” at four am while he does his exercises on his front lawn. (yes, even in the coldest of weather).

At exactly 4:01 am I found out the truth.

He had not changed hobbies as many had assumed.

He had bought electronic drum kits and then hired several enthusiastic yet untalented teens to play them.

This headache is going to be a while going away.

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