Discounts Can Rob Your Bottom Line!

February 24th, 2009 | Posted in affiliate marketing, Marketing, Misc, Money Issues | Comments Off on Discounts Can Rob Your Bottom Line!

A lot of sites provide a place to enter discount codes somewhere along the way in their e-commerce process. While occasionally offering limited discounts to get customer’s attention is a good idea, it’s not something you want to get careless with either.

Think of a brick and mortar business. While many of them will accept discount codes, They’re not going to go so far about it that people already in their store decide to cruise over to other places looking for those discount codes. How many of those customers that run out looking for a discout code do you expect will actually return to your site?

Not nearly enough to justify letting a customer leave the store without having made their purchase. Every time that happens you have to start over with them from ground zero when and if they return. Better to not do something that’s going to send them off-site.

If you must do something with discount codes, then make sure that there is a way that they can get the codes easily without leaving the site. Perhaps a members only section that they can log into once they’ve registered for your mailing list.

When someone gets to the payment section you don’t want to have any distractions that will take them off of your site. Let them finish their transaction first and then when they are done, make sure that the only links on your thank you page take them back to the home page of your site and to premium product pages.

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