How Data Mining Can Cost You Conversions!

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Anything that takes time and doesn’t help elaborate the benefits of your product to the customer is a distraction that increases the chance of them bouncing.

A “Bouncer” in this case isn’t a big beefy guy that’s big enough to throw troublemakers out of a bar. A “bouncer” is a potential customer that abandons the purchase or payment process.

This is caused by too many distractions, a lack of conviction or just plain uncertainty. Asking customers for information is a source of distraction. Giving that information distracts them from the purchase and takes their mind off of the benefits of your product.

The solution is to keep your data mining to a minimum. Really, do you REALLY need to knos what the customer had for breakfast, how many Hamilton watches they’ve got? of course not! Yet I’ve seen some sites that make you fill in a form with twenty or thirty bits of information just to order one thing that didn’t have anything to do with the life story they made you fill out. Needless to say, I didn’t give ’em all that information. I went someplace else that was much more reasonable.

Only ask for information that you actually need for marketing purposes and then only ask for the most basic level of data that you can get by with. Be careful when asking for any information other than their name, email, and shipping information (if that applies).

If, for example, you want to collect age information you are better off to ask them to select their age group from a list of choices than to ask them to enter their day, month and year of birth. This less invasive form of data mining is more likely to get you results you can use without giving the customer time to get distracted in the process of giving it to you.

Another important point is don’t make any information mandatory unless you absolutely have to and clearly mark the mandatory items with red labels. People are more likely to give you some information if you let them pick and choose what they feel comfortable telling you. Make it all mandatory and they’re liable to get annoyed with your form and abandon the purchase altogether.

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