7 Link Building Methods

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One of the most important things in promoting any website or blog is the number of inbound links. Basic rule of thumb is “the more the better”. beyond that, “the more relevant the site linking to you, the better.” Also of key importance is the text used to form the links and how relevant it is to the page being linked to.

I’ll address link text in another post, for now I’ll cover the seven main link building techniques.

Social Bookmarking Links: Submitting your blog entries to social Bookmarking sites such as Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon and other news sharing and bookmarking sites.

Text Link Advertising: Buying Text Links on relevant websites and blogs. This can be useful but it’s also important to make sure that purchased links don’t LOOK purchased. Arrange for the links to be presented in a “natural” manner and avoid any mention of the fact that the link has been paid for.

Editorial Text Links: You inform writers about your site and services and politely asking them to write about your site.

Directory Links: Web directories classify sites into organized subjects and listings. There are enough free directories around that there isn’t any real need to pay for inclusion. It’s also a good idea to avoid any that require reciprocal links.

Blogger Reviews: Similar to editorial links, other bloggers, paid or not, take the time to write an honest review about your blog, product, or business website. These reviews will typically contain at least one link to your site and sometimes will also include deeplinks to specific blog entries or product pages. These links are seen not only by search engines, but also by the readers and subscribers of these bloggers. Again, if the reviews are paid, it’s best to avoid mention of that fact if at all possible.

Privately Solicited Links: You contact individual site owners and negotiate private linking deals.

Blog Comments: By intelligently adding to blog comment conversations on blogs that have “dofollow” comment links, you can build inbound links by using your blog’s url in the comment form. Even better is to comment on WordPress blogs that have the “CommentLuv” plugin, which will also retrieve the link to your most recent post. This way you get a top level url link AND a deeplink for better search engine visibilty

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