Increase Profits Upselling After The Sale

February 25th, 2009 | Posted in affiliate marketing, Checkout page, Marketing, Money Issues | Comments Off on Increase Profits Upselling After The Sale

After the customer has paid, you have a golden opportunity because you KNOW that this customer has a buying level of interest in some of your product. When the sale is complete is the perfect time to try for an upsell.

It’s a simple concept. You can offer them a substantial one time discount on another related product. For example, if the customer bought 100 blank DVD’s, it makes sense to offer them a 25% discount on a hundred jewel cases or blank labels IF they are willing to buy them right then and there. Whether you’re selling wholesale or retail, this upsell offer is almost like money in the back if you do it right

You make the offer and tell them that this is a limited, one time special that will NOT be there if they leave the page without accepting it.

It gives them an opportunity to save money, limits their choices to one or at most two things, jewel cases and / or blank labels, and adds the urgency of the offer expiring the second they leave that page without taking it.

You might be surprised how many people will take up such an offer.

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