Costly Mistake Over 75% Of Internet Marketers Make!

February 25th, 2009 | Posted in affiliate marketing, Checkout page, Marketing | Comments Off on Costly Mistake Over 75% Of Internet Marketers Make!

It’s amazing how many online stores don’t take the time to let me know how many steps are involved in the payment process. I really appreciate it when a store makes a point of showing me how many steps are involved and somehow highlight the step I’m currently on.

Does that sound like I’m impatient? Of course it does. Today’s world has more “short attention span” people than ever before. There’s actually been times that I have dropped out of a purchase because the payment process seemed to go on forever with no indication of how far along I was.

Do your customers and yourself a huge favor, make sure that each page in the payment process has a clear title that indicates which out of how many total steps there are. Doing so will keep you from losing lots of profits in abandoned purchases.

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