Use AdwordsDigger And You Will Make More Money With Less Work

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Regular readers will know that I’m not given to jumping on every IM bandwagon that comes along (God knows there’s enough of them!). However once in a while something comes along that I just have to tell people to get. AdwordsDigger is one of those things. It’s from the same people that brought you Keyword Corral and like that great utility, AdwordsDigger is totally free. It’ll also make a big difference in your PPC campaigns. So get AdwordsDigger NOW. You’ll be glad you did.

It’s no secret that lots of people try to make money from Google Adwords. Not many succeed beyond a few bucks here and there. Many fail because they’re working alone, usually doing things manually. Thing is, they don’t need to. Not when they could be using AdwordsDigger.

How does it work? It automatically looks for high quality sites than also run Google Adwords, on the precise topics that you’re looking for. It then tells you the traffic that these sites get and gives you a list that you then enter into your campaign and start advertising on those targeted sites for a fraction of what the search network costs.

This isn’t a black hat SEO tool. It automates tasks that would take hours and hours and even more hours. Just input your keywords and Adwords Digger will yield a list of dozens, if not several hundred, targeted sites that you can use for Adwords placement campaigns.

It’s true, there are several other programs that claim to do this kind of job…and, at least some of them might … for a price. That’s right, AdwordsDigger is being given away for free.

That’s right Totaly FREE. And I do mean free. 100%, totally, absolutely, completely free. No purchase required. No mail-in rebates. (Am I obsessing about this point? Perhaps. Buy that’s because it’s FREE!!) And not free*, either. No fine-print asterisk that taketh away. It’s not a demo, or a free trial. When you download AdwordsDigger, you get the complete full version.

AdwordsDigger is one of a whole suite of tools from the PPCKahuna membership that they’ve decided to make public. It only takes a a few minutes to download, and you’ll get lower CPCs and a higher conversion rate on your Adwords campaigns, no matter what your niche.

All you have to do is feed it a list of keywords, select how many search results to check, Then AdwordsDigger gets the results, loads each site, and checks that site’s traffic stats. When that’s complete, it then ranks the sites it found for you. You just select the URLs you want to use and save them in a text file. Back on Google Adwords, you just copy and paste the contents of that text file into the Adwords placement targeting list and that’s it. Your Adwords ads will start running on that list of targeted sites.

Did I mentioned it’s free? Which means you have nothing to lose, check out Adwordsdigger Today. Your PPC Campaigns will show you it’s worth quickly

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