How Much Advertising Is Too Much?

June 15th, 2008 | Posted in Advertising, Blogging, Making money, Monetizing Blogs | Comments Off on How Much Advertising Is Too Much?

In today’s age of monetized blogs and websites, the one question that I think people aren’t asking nearly enough is the one where they decide if more advertising would be too much.

For example I’ve seen blogs that are so heavily monetized that it’s actually difficult to find the blog entries themselves. I think it’s important to not overload with advertising because it’s actually very easy to turn an otherwise good blog into an ad-farm that nobody wants to wade through in order to find the content.

Most advertising is best placed in one or two sidebars, either in the form of some number of 125×125 banner/button blocks and / or adsense blocks. Another good place is across the header at the top of the blog. I prefer a discreet link bar because it provides relevant links for the page it’s on without being so large that it hides my posts.

Having a ad block within a post is, in my opinion, a touchy thing. On the one side of the coin it’s too easy for the in-post ad blocks to detract from the content, on the other side, having it within the post makes it positioned good for a higher chance of getting those all-important clicks. My take on it would be that if there is to be an ad block in the first post or two on a page, then the size of the block needs to be LESS than half of the width of the column containing the post. You could also get away with putting two such blocks in a single post but only if there is at least two unbroken paragraphs of text between them. Otherwise it starts to invade the post content too much.

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