Increase Conversions By Questioning Experience

March 1st, 2009 | Posted in Design, Landing Page, Sales Pages, SEO, Websites | Comments Off on Increase Conversions By Questioning Experience

It’s almost always a good idea to learn from successful marketers. One good way to gain valuable insight into your site’s appearance and function is to sign up on a forum such as warriorforum.

Join the forum and spend some time lurking, reading the messages for a couple days. You’ll be surprised at what you can learn just folloing the active message threads, particularly ones where people put their sites up for review.

Take all this in and then go over your site and give it whatever tweaks that you can apply from the forum. Then, it’s time to put your site up there for review. Comments that you get, be they positive or negative, will be the basis for some very sound advice as long as you take the criticism constructively.

Remember that even negative comments can be helpful. In fact, the negatives can be among the most valuable. Especially if more than one person is voicing an opinion, it’s time for a good close look at what they’re talking about. If you make the mistake of taking these candid reviews personally you’ll miss out on a lot of good advice.

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