How Time Matters

March 4th, 2009 | Posted in Advertising, Marketing, sales tracking | Comments Off on How Time Matters

It’s not always a factor that matters much in internet marketing but most products will still sell better at a given time of the day than others.

The thing to do is track your sales. If there is a particular trend to the times of day that generally get more sales than others, then you can use this information to fine tune your advertising.

For example if you sell sporting goods and related materials tracking the time of sales will probably show you that softball trophies don’t sell nearly as well in the afternoons as they do during times when there typically isn’t games going on.

Specifically, any advertising that can be focused on particular parts of the day that your product sells the best. by paying attention to this time factor, your advertising can be more visible during the times when your buyers are in position to see and do something about it.

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