Reference Codes Matter

March 5th, 2009 | Posted in affiliate marketing, Checkout page, Design, Marketing, Money Issues, sales tracking, Websites | Comments Off on Reference Codes Matter

The various degrees of anonymity on the internet means different things to different people. People with political, legal and social things to say have often a lot of very good reason to make the most of that anonymity. Internet marketers on the other hand, cannot afford to appear anonymous and unapproachable.

One way to beat back that anonymity and make sure that your customers have confidence in the ability to be able to not only contact you in the event of a problem, they also need to be able to refer to a specific transaction.

The way to do this is make sure that your shopping cart clearly displays a reference code for a shopping cart and for the sales transaction. The reference code serves the same function as a receipt number in a conventional POS system at a brick and mortar store, it allows both the customer and you to refer to a specific transaction.

Putting the reference code or transaction id out there where the customer can clearly identify it is a big boost for confidence and that will boost your conversions.

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