A Great Quality Score For Your Landing Page

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Google’s landing page quality score exists to penalize those advertisers who don not create useful landing pages. It does this by giving lowering the ranking in Google’s quality ranking. This increases the cost of their minimum Cost Per Click (CPC).

Those of us already working to produce quality web sites and landing pages, that higher quality score leads to better ad rankings and a lower CPC.

How do you get a better quality score on your landing page?

There’s 3 things that they look at while they are computing a quality score for each landing page: Original, Relevant Content, transparency, and Ease of Navigation. Here’s some tips on how to get a good quality score and get better conversion rates at the same time:

Original, Relevant Content

Google’s “holy grail” is relevance. That means that the more relevant that your site is, the better it’s going to do with Google. Second to that is Original Content. They don’t want to see you rehashing somebody Else’s content. Don’t use Joe’s content because aside from copyright problems, If a search engine wanted to send somebody to a page that had Joes’ content on it, they’d rather send them to Joe’s page, not the page of somebody that just copied his stuff. “Content is King” ONLY if it’s Original.

Other factors include your domain name. Is it relevant to your market? When building landing pages, try to make sure each of your keywords has a completely separate landing page. Use the keyword in the URL. For example “springgardens.php” if “spring gardens” is one of your keywords. You should also make sure that you use your keyword in title tags, meta tags, and the description meta tags.

Basically the idea is to make landing pages for each keyword and to use that keyword in all of the “important places” on the page

Also make sure that every landing page has unique content. This is particularly important to affiliate marketing newbies, because there’s often hundreds of pages selling the same product. By making your content different from that of the product vendor, you increase your landing page quality score and stay ahead of competitors that just recycle the same stuff over and over.

Openness or Transparency

You should make sure that you link to an up to date sitemap, contact page, and a privacy policy page. Google (and other search engines really) wants to see that you’re wiling to openly share useful information about your business, and the way it operates.

Any time you request information from your visitors, provide them with a link to the privacy policy to make sure they understand how their information will be used. It’s also a good idea: Limit how much information they receive from you; make certain that your emails to them have an Opt Out

Deliver the products and services you offer and to only charge for what they actually order and receive. Even if it seems obvious to anyone that reads the entire page, it’s still a good idea to make that guarantee extra explicitly obvious.

Ease of Navigation

There needs to be a clear navigation path for visitors to follow that makes it easy for people to find the order form or checkout with the purchase that they came to your site looking for. Avoid pop-ups, pop-unders like the plague along with any other obtrusive things in your landing page design.

With great landing pages that have great quality scores it’s then time to turn your attention to the Adwords campaign. Matching the best keywords and your custom landing pages, you can maximize conversions and keep your CPCs as low as possible which will result in a larger profit margin for you.


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