Checking Out More Profits

March 15th, 2009 | Posted in Marketing | Comments Off on Checking Out More Profits

Having Paypal, assorted credit cards and other means for payment is all fine and dandy. They’ll get you a lot of business. Especially Paypal because of the trust and recognition it has among so many people.

However there is one payment angle that a lot of people actually tend to shy away from. Checks.

I’m not just talking about e-checks, I’m talking about good old fashioned paper checks. You handle it the same way you would an e-check, tell them that processing will take a week or so for it to clear before you’ll ship their product. Whether you’re selling something or collecting donations to help fund cerebral palsy research, adding the plain old fashioned paper check to your list of payment methods will get you an increase in conversions.

It only takes a little while and a decent opening deposit to create a new checking account in the name of your business and it’s worth while to be able to tell your customers a business name to make the check out to. Then when it gets to you in the mail, you take time to walk it down to the bank and deposit it.

Keep track of the bank with online banking so that you know when each check has cleared so that you can be as timely as possible with getting their products. If your product is selling for anything more than twenty or thirty dollars or so then it’s really worth doing and will give you that much more in conversions.

Once you’ve decided to accept checks and you’re ready to do so, make sure that fact is prominently displayed on your checkout. It gives you that extra touch of professionalism and accessibility.

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