How To Know What Your Readers Are Looking For

June 19th, 2008 | Posted in Adsense, Blogging, building traffic, Hot Topics, Keywords, SEO, Traffic, WordPress Plugins | Comments Off on How To Know What Your Readers Are Looking For

One of the most important things about blog writing is in choosing what you’re going to write about. The first and most obvious thing to consider is the niche that you’re writing for. It’s a good idea to always keep your posts on-topic for your particular niche. Of course there are times when going off-topic will be appropriate and then there are more generalized blogs that don’t quite fit into one specific niche, For those you still have a valuable resource, the keywords people use to search your site.

Whether you use Google or other search engine tools to track your visitors and their referring urls or you look through your server logs, the url that they come to your site from, if it’s a search engine, will usually contain the keywords that they searched. Those keywords are an invaluable resource. They tell you what visitors are looking for.

Even more valuable are the keywords that people use when they use the search box on your blog because this is a visitor that has already come to your site and those keywords and phrases tell you what they’re looking for when they get there.

Psychic Search” by MaxBlogPress is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to find out exactly what visitors to your blog are searching for. Most importantly, it shows you what search terms that people are using that do not get any results.

What value to searches without results have? They’ve a Huge value! They represent things that visitors to your blog are looking for. Using this information allows you to fill those gaps and provide content for those search terms.

Of course, there’s times when you look at the plugin’s report and see that there are no terms that didn’t have results. That’s when you pick a term that has fewer results than the rest and write something on-topic for that search term. This increases the likelihood that visitors will find material that they’re looking for and it will also serve to make your site more of an “authority site” for those search terms.

Not only will you get those benefits, but this also increases the chance that somebody will link to your blog in general and “deeplink” to the entry’s permalink url as well.

So if you’re using a WordPress blog, I assure you that it’s worth the time to get, install and learn how to use the “Psychic Search” Plugin. The ONLY complaint I have about it is it’s name and that’s because I’m a Christian and do not believe in “Psychic” anything. However, since it’s not actually purporting to be “psychic” in nature, I’m more than willing to use, and advocate, it’s ability to give a WordPress blogger valuable information about their visitors and what they are looking for.

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