Take Pride In Your Origins

March 24th, 2009 | Posted in Marketing | Comments Off on Take Pride In Your Origins

Something that a lot of people trying to succeed in Internet Marketing forget the power of associating with your home locale. These associations can work like magnets to draw in customers and leads that you wouldn’t otherwise have had. This of course translates into more potential sales.

If you’re in Texas and your product is chili then you want to make it a point of saying so. Even if the chili itself isn’t a “Texas Chili” recipe, it’s still chili and you’re still in Texas. This is an association that will help you.

No matter what it is you sell or where you are selling it from, it never hurts to emphasize your local pride. There are always people who will buy from you because of where you are.

You want to make it absolutely clear that you sell the best green widgets on this side of the Atlantic. Remember that if you don’t, your competition is certain to do so and the first one to lay claim to best has a significant advantage. Everybody else will be playing second fiddle to you as long as you press the advantage and have product and service to back it up.

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