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June 30th, 2008 | Posted in Current Events, Hot Topics | 3 Comments

Just what is Nashville Star?

It’s a competition / reality show where “ordinary folk” audition to compete for the prize which is a Country music recording contract with Warner Bros and will also perform on stage at the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing

The show is in it’s sixth season and having spent it’s first five seasons on USA network, it’s now moving to Monday nights on NBC. This year it’s hosted by Billy Ray Cyrus and the judges are John Rich, Jeffery Steele and Jewel.

This weeks show starts with nine contestants remaining. They were called to the stage to perform according to the number of votes they received after the end of last week’s episode. I’m going to go over them in the order they performed.

The person with the most votes last week was Ashlee Hewit. I honestly don’t understand this one at all. While her voice is capable of plenty of power and range, I found it literally impossible to understand the lyrics of what she was singing and I wasn’t along in this either, my wife couldn’t understand her any better than I could. That she managed to get the most votes that was is a total mystery to both of us.

The second performer of the night was Coffey. If Ashlee is a mystery, I can’t begin to say what Coffey is. His voice has a quality about it that’s making everyone in our house crazy. It’s a “WARBLE”. This is something that might work in pop music but unfortunately, he’s using that warble the way Hank Williams used the classic Country Music “Twang” and it just plain doesn’t work. What I don’t get is why it is that the judges either don’t notice this or are unwilling to talk about it.

Number three tonight was Tommy Stanley. He’s got a good overall sound and is a very capable singer. He even managed to recover from his voice cracking during his first song tonight, however he’s really more pop than country and it shows in everything he’s sung so far.

Pearl Heart is number four. A group of three women that sound good but lack a certain important level of feeling in their music.

Melissa Lawson came in at number five. She’s got a very good, powerful voice and has shown the ability to express a lot of feeling in her music. There’s a lot of potential in her and in our house, she’s considered the best female vocalist among the contestants.

Shawn Mayer was number six tonight. She was another one that I had a great deal of trouble understanding the lyrics in the song she was singing. She projected considerable emotion but her low voice made understanding her a problem.

Gabe Garcia was the number seven performer. The only mystery is why he hasn’t gotten a lot more votes. This was the last position that scored high enough to not be in the two lowest vote getters. His performance is all Texas and his voice sounds to me like a Garth Brooks kinda thing and has a lot of potential. In our house he is considered the best male vocalist among contestants.

Number eight was Alyson Gilbert who has a good voice overall, yet there is a lack of feeling in her singing. Her song tonight came off sounding more like a “Saloon song” style performance than a Nashville one.

The ninth act tonight was Laura and Sophie. They have shown a lot of improvement since they started. Tonight they were singing more to the audience instead of appearing to be singing to each other like they’ve done before. They have a lot of range and potential but still manage to come off really young. Very “little girl”, which shows how inexperienced they are.

Eliminated from the competition tonight was Alyson Gilbert. Next week they will be eliminating TWO contestants. One at the end of the show as usual and another will be cut in the first five minutes.

We’re sitting here hoping that at the very least, Coffey is one of those eliminated, taking that God-Awful warble with him.

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3 Responses to “Nashville Star”

  1. FYI…The singers are NOT called out in order of vote count. ONLY the bottom two (if announced as such) are truly the bottom vote getters.

  2. Ok, I stand corrected then. It certainly sounded to me like there were calling them out in order of who had the most votes.

    In any event, I’m sure that the only part that really matters to them is the bottom two and the shot of getting booted.

  3. After watching tonight, I am apalled. The
    reason the judges are “unwilling to talk
    about it” should be obvious.

    The decision to keep all demographics tuned in
    was made long ago. Thats fine… Sort of.

    There are thousand’s of people, including
    my girlfriend, who are emotionally invested
    in this program. Additionally, both her and
    I spend money to vote for our favorite.I
    PROMISE you that Coffey did not receive enough
    votes last week to justify being on tonight.

    Does anybody remember the game show scandals
    in the 60’s ?

    I’d like NBC to be transparent. I was employed
    by them in the 80’s. They have one goal. MONEY.

    Are your votes REALLY counting ? I doubt it.
    That should piss you off.