5 Steps to Starting An Online Business

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To succeed in just about any online business it is true that you need to acquire some basic technical skills, most of your success depends not on programming and typing skills but on whats between your ears.

Here’s a brief list of what’s needed to succeed in an online business.

1. Have a vision and determination. Without both the vision and the determination to follow through then you will certainly fail.

2. Have a mentor. Someone who has the experience do whatever it takes to become a student. Learn from their failures and successes.

3. Find something you’re interested in and would do free. If something gets you excited and keeps you awake at night thinking about it, then it will provide you with opportunities to make money from it too. For example, once you have a project/activity that you live for, be it surfing, stamp collection, video games, collecting movie promotional products or whatever, then you could start a local club. Once that club is established you start a club website. Once you have the website you can sell products to promote the club and your project/activity.

4. Promote and automate the project website. Once your site is up and running you want to promote the club site to ‘outsiders’. There is excellent software out there to handle a lot of the ‘skilled’ tasks with the click of a mouse (both free and commercial products). Promoting your website should be the main priority from now on. Start a newsletter to keep in touch with your members and provide them with free advice, tips and news on the subject of your project/activity. Automate this too. Set up autoresponders signup new members and to respond to email queries; automate everything possible.

5. Lather, rinse, and repeat. Once you’ve got a formula that suceeds, the key is to repeat that success with another subject.

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