Capitalising On Attention Getters

March 27th, 2009 | Posted in Ad Copy, Advertising | Comments Off on Capitalising On Attention Getters

When writing ad copy, you should always make the most out of capitalization. One good example is to use Capitals to make your domain stand out in the eyes of readers. Instead of using you could use capitals to make it stand out like

Another good trick is careful use of simple mistakes in headlines, and ad copy. Simple errors like transposition of letters or capitalizing the wrong word will make it stand out. You could use something like “Led Lighting” or “LED lIghting” instead of “led lighting“.

You want to make sure that your keywords are spelled correctly otherwise they won’t appear in bold in Google’s sponsored listings, an occasional transposition in non-keywords can help draw people’s eyes. Something like “New BlueGreen Widgets On Sela Now”.

Once again, it’s a good idea to split test different variations to see how they perform in your market. Remember that not all markets are created equal and what works in one may fail miserably in another.

Another thing to remember is that this kind of tactic won’t always work for long term, you’ll need to introduce plenty of variation in your campaigns. It can still give your campaign a temporary boost in CTR.

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