Why I Wrote About Nashville Star On BlogDoofus

July 2nd, 2008 | Posted in Blogging, building traffic, Current Events, Hot Topics, SEO | Comments Off on Why I Wrote About Nashville Star On BlogDoofus

People that know me will also know that Country music has never exactly been my cup of tea, yet I have to admit that, like many, I find this kind of reality tv competition just a bit addictive. So in spite of the fact that I have never turned on a radio and looked for a CW station, Nashville Star is still an interesting competition.

Some might think that my recent post about Nashville Star doesn’t really “fit” with the overall point of this blog but I think that because it’s a currently very popular topic that it fits just fine in the “Hot Topics” and “Current Events” categories.

I created those categories for two reasons:

1) I think that any blogger, regardless of the primary focus of their blog, needs to have the freedom to write about anything they like that they have something to say about.

2) When you’re trying to write stuff that people are interested in, you’ll seldom go wrong with a subject that’s getting a lot of attention at the time… especially if you can do so ahead of mos of the crowd. This makes current events topics good for building traffic because you’re more likely to have people referring others to your blog “look what so and so said about [fill in the blank]”. And of course, the more visitors your blog has, the better your efforts to monetize your blog will be. Remember, no visitors = no clicks.

With that in mind, looking around just a bit will show you a wealth of topics to write about that there’s lots of people interested in. Just a few of these sources include the news media, whether you watch it on television, listen to the radio or get it in email or online there is always topics in the news that can be the seeds for something.

In addition to the news, there’s several whole worlds of stuff in various entertainment related categories. My post about Nashville Star was just one example of this kind of thing. It’s something that has a large audience (enough so to end up in an NBC prime time slot on a weekly basis.)

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