Mastering Marketing Budgets

April 28th, 2009 | Posted in Adsense, Advertising, adwords, Keywords, Landing Page, Making money, Marketing, PayPerClick, Websites | Comments Off on Mastering Marketing Budgets

Managing your marketing budget is a challenge. The simplest answer is to have better everything than your competition. Of course learning those skills can take years and a lot of money for someone new to PPC marketing. Many companies decide to do there PPC internally. Often because somebody suggested that they need to get into marketing online, mentioned google everybody thinks adsense.

On the other hand, there’s a lot of people who spend years becoming masters of PPC Marketing. It only makes sense to use somebody who doesn’t have to learn how as they’re going. Industry standard rates are usually 15% of your marketing budget plus an hourly rate for set-up and management.

A good PPC manager can more than make up the 15% budget fee. Because they know how to determine what keywords they need to target. This will improve cost per conversion. The ratio of clicks to conversions will likely improve. You can also see your cost per click getting lower. Often it’s both.

Imagine you’ve a budget of $10,000 a month and you’re getting 3000 clicks to your page. That means your’re paying $3.33 a click. From that you get 100 leads. That makes your cost per lead $100, or a 3.3% conversion rate. If you can increase that 6.6% you’ll have twice the leads and your cost per lead drops to $50.

Keyword Research: Find out what your target market is searching for, and how much competition there is. You also want to know the strength of the keywords commercial intent. This means is the person using that word in the discovery phase of the decision cycle, the comparison phase, or the action phase. Start by marketing to the action phased words first. That way you don’t have to shell out hard cash for clicks from 10 year old mesothelioma reports.

This way you can pay more for conversions, and probably even increase your advertising budget because it worked so well.

Making optimized landing pages is essential. The page that the visitor lands needs to be as relevant as it possibly can be to the search terms. Higher relevancy ratings mean it costs less money for those top of the results listings.

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