Mastering Keyword Research

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The reason for keyword research is to find the exact phrases being used by people in the major search engines. If your website has content that is relevant to the most searched terms and keywords, then it will end up being ranked higher by search engines. keyword research is one of the most important parts of any search engine optimization campaign.

Start by making a list of the keywords related to your website. There are several online services that can help. One good example is word tracker. Using word tracker’s tools and services, all you have to do is give it a keyword and it will return a list of keywords that are related to it.

If your site specializes in weight loss products then starting with “weight loss” will give you a list of related keywords covering everything from weight loss plans, diets, dietary supplements, diet aids, Lipovox and just about anything you can think of and a few dozen that you wouldn’t have thought of at all. From this list you need to weed out the keywords that aren’t relevant to your site.

The thing to do is to then repeat this process with other keyword generating / finding sites. Google’s keyword suggestion tool is an extremely powerful resource.

Another thing you should do is keep an eye on your competitors. Go to their websites and use the “View Source” tool in Firefox to have a look at their html and the keywords that they’re using. Also spend time studying the text on their site, how they’re naming pages and urls. All of this can give you an insight how they’re doing things. From there you do the obvious, find out what works and then copy it. Not literally of course, but the method.

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