Nashville Star July 7

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This week, as promised, one of the contestants was cut in the first five minutes of the show. When they called Melissa Lawson and Tommy Stanley to the stage, My wife and I both knew that Tommy Stanley was the one that would be leaving and sure enough, he was. He’s a capable signer and reasonably talented. However he’s just more “pop” than “country”.

After he left, they revealed that Melissa Lawson was the top vote getter last week and that too was not a surprise. She’s got a strong voice and has shown a lot of determination. She’s managed to show that she’s just as good with lower notes as she is with the higher power notes that she showed from the start. Melissa is still the best female vocalist in the competition hands down.

Next up was Laura and Sophie. Their performance has improved but they’re still showing their extreme lack of experience. They might do well to try again in a year or two.

Gabe Garcia followed them with a blow the judges and audience away performance. He started out good and has done nothing but get better every time out. He remains the best male vocalist in the competition. My wife and I are certain that in the end this whole thing is going to come down to Gabe and Melissa. Now THAT’s going to be a hard choice to make.

The fourth performer was Shawn Mayer Her vocals were improved over last time, it was easier to understand her lyrics and she showed plenty of emotion in her voice as well. She continues to improve but hasn’t yet reached the point where she can be considered top star material.

Contestant number for was Coffey. I was sincerely hoping that he would manage to sing without that warble in his voice but it was there again. Not only that, but for a country competition like Nashville Star, “Proud Mary” was an iffy choice at best. Tina Turner is a tough standard to match. I think he has more potential with a “pop” type of sound.

Then Ashlee Hewit came to the stage. In the synopsis of the intervening week it came out that she was uncomfortable with having the audience sing along which is unfortunate since audience participation can be a powerful thing for a performer that knows how to work it. Her lyrics were also hard to understand.

The final performer of the night was Pearl Heart. They chose a Garth Brooks song and did well with it.

Ashlee Hewit and Pearl Heart were the bottom two in the vote last week and after the usual suspense building pauses, Pearl Heart was cut from the competition. As it was announced, there were quite a bit of loud booing coming from the audience. In addition to that, Jeffery Steele told them that they knew where his studio was in what sounded very much like their careers are long from over.

Next week, another two contestants will be cut from the running.

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