Four Tips For Buying An LCD TV

May 16th, 2009 | Posted in Misc | Comments Off on Four Tips For Buying An LCD TV

In addition to their advantages, LCD flat screen TVs do have disadvantages. LCD TVs have lower contrast ratios than plasma sets because they have a harder time reproducing deep black and dark gray colors. LCD screens also tend to be thicker than plasma screens.

On the other hand, an LCD flat screen TV isn’t susceptible to burn-in and is usually less expensive than plasma screens. LCD sets also run cooler than plasma TVs, which cuts down the need for noisy cooling fans. Also, a lot of LCD sets can double as a PC monitors. LCD flat screen TVs also have greater longevity, lasting up to 60,000 hours, where plasma TVs, last 30,000 to 40,000 hours on average.

Here’s some shopping tips before deciding on a particular model.

1. Check The Black: It’s a good idea to bring along a DVD movie that has dimly lit scenes. Use this to check for good black reproduction. The sales people won’t think you’re weird, slightly obsessive perhaps, but definitely not weird.

2. Remote Control: Make sure that the remote has back lit keys so you can see them in the dark. You’ll also want to make sure the remote has a comfortable fit in your hand. You’re presumably going to be using it a lot and a comfortable fit will make it easier to use.

3. Viewing angle: look for a set that has a 170 degree Viewing Angles so that you can see the picture from anywhere in the room.

4. HD-Ready-HDtv stands for high-definition television. An HDTV set is a television that has a built-in digital tuner and shows high-definition broadcasts in true high-definition resolution. It’s a good idea to get an LCD flat screen TV that is HD-ready if possible so that you will be able to watch HD programming whenever it’s available in your area.

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