How Online Retailers Can Profit From Video

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Google video and YouTube are two of the fastest growing repositories of video clips of all kinds that has opened up new marketing and advertising strategies to Internet Marketers to profit from. The following is just a small sample of the possibilities that are open to people that have camcorders, some time and a bit of imagination and how you can use these services to generate customers.


A tutorial is simply a short “how to” video that explains how to do something and shows the process in the video. It doesn’t matter what your field of expertise is, odds are that you can probably think of several things about it that you could record short video clips showing how to do this or that.

For example, a golf enthusiast could easily make a whole series of two to five minute clips showing things like how to improve your swing, cure that horrible slice, play bunker shots, putting, Etc. The list is almost endless.

For Fly fishermen, there’s tips like fly tying, how to tie certain flies, how to find the best locations, casting and a lot more.

Product reviews

Another way your camcorder can be put to use is by reviewing products or comparing different types of one product. All you need do is pick a product that you have, show it in action and give an honest review of it and it’s pros and cons. You could do a side by side comparison of two different makes brands of a product. Again, the possibilities are all but endless.

Product user guides

How many times have you heard about people haivng trouble getting something set up and working right? Anything from installing a new audio visual system to setting the clock on some device, how to set up a wireless home network. Almost anything you know how to do is something that you could make a user guide or how to about.

Funny clips

One of the most popular things is of course, funny clips, people caught on video doing stupid or improbably things, playing practical jokes, whatever. The funnier they are, the better and more likely they’ll get passed around the net. How does this help your business? Two ways, 1, you put a small watermark with your logo or website address in one corner of the video, 2, at the end of the video and in the description on the sharing site, you make certain to include your website url.

The main point is that the more video you make and the more popular those videos are, the more low cost promotion you’re getting for your site. A good series of “How To” videos and / or product guides and reviews can also build authority into your company name, thus increasing customer confidence.

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