MySpace and your online buisness

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MySpace is one of the biggest online communities / social networks in the world. Originally founded to be a platform for bands and musicians to keep in touch with their fans it has quickly become a platform for everybody.

A growing trend on MySpace and other social networking sites is that of businesses establishing accounts in the name of the business and using it as another avenue to promote themselves and their products. Outfits selling anything from Fastin to the latest hot new games and dvd’s.

On MySpace you create a personal profile that includes a choice of standard elements such as blogs, buddy lists, etc. You can also change the look of your profile without having any knowledge about html and web programming by using any of dozens of sites that sell MySpace Layouts. These sites offer premade layouts and dizzying selection of background grpahics.

One of the things to consider however is how the layout you choose will affect the performance of your profile page. It’s a good idea (not to mention just plain considerate!!) to remember that there’s still a majority of people out there that don’t have computers powerful enough to get the best experience with that over-bloated, javascript laden profile template that you think looks so cool.

There is currently more than 200 million MySpace users around the world and a growing number of them are business interests of one form or another. I’ve even heard (though I haven’t seen any proof) that there are government level types from several countries with MySpace profiles that they use to keep in touch with the Joe Sixpacks of the world.

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