Article Marketing Basics

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Article marketing is a very effective method of widening the presence of any business. By publishing articles via multiple article directories, you can reap benefits ranging from increased web site traffic, lead generation, visibility in the search engines, new customers and reputation.

Article marketing has grown from out of Search Engine Optimization (SEO); the practice of optimizing web pages with keywords in the effort to increase the search engine rankings for that page. There’s three steps for an article marketing campaign; research, writing and distribution.


Keyword research is the first step. It’s important to use keywords in your article that you want improved rankings for search engines. Somebody that sold Outer Banks rentals online would research which keywords people are searching for that are related to that term.

Then next step is to make a list of about 8 to 10 of these keywords and make it a point to use those keywords in the article. Also, it’s a good idea to find out what terms are relevant to those keywords according tot he search engines and use as many of THOSE terms in the article as well.

This is actually a fairly simple process once you learn how and can easily take as little as 30 minutes to have a keyword rich, contextually relevant article

Writing the article

Obviously you can’t just throw all these keywords and related phrases together and tell yourself that you’ve got an article ready to go. The goal is to write an article that is related to your topic and use the keywords within the article in as natural a fashion as possible. If a keyword or phrase can’t be used in a way that reads naturally, skip it and goon. You should also avoid allowing yourself to turn the article into a sales pitch or advertisement. Most article directories wont even accept articles that are written like sales copy.


This is the part of article marketing that takes the most time. There’s a LOT of article directories that you can submit your article to. It’s a good idea to do the submissions manually because more and more directories are taking steps to prevent automated submissions.

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