Improve Your Blog’s Appearance With Digg This

July 10th, 2008 | Posted in Blogging, social bookmarking, traffic tools, WordPress Plugins | Comments Off on Improve Your Blog’s Appearance With Digg This

One of the things that is a good idea to do is to cut down on the number of things that need to load both on the front page of the blog and on the individual article pages. For example, Those big Digg buttons are all fine and dandy… IF they show some number of diggs. Otherwise they don’t look so good, taking up part of the space for your post with a sign that says “nobody’s dugg this post yet”.

The better way to go is to get the WordPress plugin “Digg This” once you have this plugin, you follow directions in the readme file that will tell you how to create a line of code that you can replace your current digg button code with.

The result is that the digg buttons will not appear UNTIL the Digg This plugin detects an incoming link from Digg. This way you get the best of both worlds, digg buttons appear on posts that have been dugg, while not appearing on posts that haven’t been dugg.

Yes, it’s still possible to digg a post even if the big button isn’t there, either from within digg itself, or by using the digg option on the “share this” link at the bottom of every post.

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