Is This The Road To The Main Event?

June 28th, 2009 | Posted in Poker | Comments Off on Is This The Road To The Main Event?

I just got an email that confirmed that I’ve won an entry in a $3.5K National Poker Week Freeroll Texas Hold’em tournament. Now before anybody expects me to start making big plans and sending out party invitations I’ve got to say that I don’t really think there’s cause for all that.

After all, this is only a single freeroll tournament and while winning it could almost certainly lead to getting into more tournaments and starting down a path that could lead to the final table at the main event, there’s also way too many paths to choose from right now and most of them lead to the end of one game at something considerably less than first place.

Time will tell I suppose. I’ll have to post again when the tournament is over. It starts at 1:30pm Eastern time on July 4th. The way these things go I could be out of it entirely by 1:35 or It could go half the night. There’s 2477 people entered in it so far and the cap on entries is 12,000 people.

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