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In my last post I said that I’d post again when that tournament was over and because of extenuating circumstances I couldn’t get to it right away. By the time I did have time to do that update, my mind had become so cluttered with other things that I completely forgot about it until I had a question asked of me: “when are you going to update about that tournament?”.

This unexpected question sent me searching my memory in a panic. What’s he talking about? I asked myself. What update? Which tournament?. I scrambled through the warehouse in disarray that is my memory and eventually I found it, scattered between the kids nightlights and the inflatable two hundred foot vampire bats, on top of the lime jello swimming pool was the memory I was looking for. Yep, I had indeed said I’d do that. (though it woulda been easier just to read the post than search that cluttered warehouse of memory)

In any event, that tournament finally got started with the full field of 12,000 players. The action was VERY fast and everybody at my table was playing extremely tight. No unnecessary risks being taken by that crowd, no sir.

This resulted in this table playing two and sometimes three hands per minute! Meanwhile I kept one eye on the number of players remaining. During the first 20 minutes or so of play people were dropping out at the rate of approximately 3 or 4 per second!

After about 45 minutes or so one of the players at my table decided to take a few risks. They won the first three of these, then the fourth time they risked a bit too much on a lowly 7 – 3 off suit and lost the farm. They were replaced within a couple seconds by another player that didn’t seem to have much interest in the overall “safe” play that was pretty much the unspoken rule on that table from the beginning.

So, when play came round to him, he would call when most would fold, he would raise when most would simply have called. Doing this doubled his chip stack in ten hands or so. I decided to take a few risks myself, seeing that if I didn’t build my stack then I’d be out all too soon. This tactic (played carefully) kept me in for quite a while.

After roughly an hour and a half of play the dropout rate had long since slowed down and the field in general was a lot tighter than at the start. Most of the loose playing risk takers were out of the game.

Then came THE hand. I was dealt a King jack, the flop was King, Ace, Jack. Seeing two pairs I naturally raised three times the big blind. On the Turn there was another King so of course I raised again. Because I had a full house and knew that very little could beat me, this raise was for 4,000 chips, nearly half my stack, but I had reason to be confident.

The River card was an Ace. I was still confident in my full house and when the player that had been calling me all along decided to raise, without thinking much at all I decided to go all in figuring that they’d decide it was getting two expensive and fold.

Not so. Instead they called my all-in. Then the cards turned and I knew I was done. Where my hole cards were King – Jack, staring at me from across the table was an Ace-Jack. I had a strong full house but the one staring at me was just a tad stronger.

The game then announced to me that I was out in 8576th place.

BTW- some might wonder why talk about online poker on a blog that’s pretty much about making money online? Well, even though you might start off in a free-roll tournament that doesn’t cost a cent to buy in, playing poker can still be a serious income. I’m not making anything at it yet but that’s not going to stop me from entering every free-roll tournament I can find time to play in.

See you at the final table

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