The Poker Adventure Continues

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Recently on another blog I wrote about My Freeroll Adventure. Near the end of that post I mentioned that I was going to be playing in the “$20K Record Breaker Freeroll” at Full Tilt Poker where the top 4,000 finishers would get a free buy in to “The Record Breaker” tournament.

Well, that freeroll started with a total of 30,005 players. Play was fairly fast, as was the rate of people getting knocked out of the tournament. I managed to win enough pots to keep a large enough chip stack to allow me to fold any hands that I saw as having little to no promise and still keep up with the blinds and ante’s.

After 55 min of play there were 7,278 players remaining and my stack was at 8,368 chips. This put me on the low side but I figured that with careful play I would at least make the winning field of 4,000. As play continued and the number of players got closer and closer to 4,000 the people on my table started tightening up their games as well as playing a lot slower. The dropout rate continued at something like 20 to 50 players per minute.

When there were only 4,001 players left, hand for hand play started, waiting for one more player to drop out. It only took a few minutes and the last non-winning player was out of the game.

At this point the game started issuing prizes since everybody left automatically wins the $5 entry into the record breaker. Effectively this was a 4,000 way tie for first place!

Hey, I’m cool with that, especially since I was one of the 4,000!!

This means that on Sunday 7/19/09 at 15:05 Eastern I’m going to be in “The Record Breaker” game. According to the information in the tournament lobby, the game is set to allow up to 50,000 players to start. Players are also advised that because of the number of people playing, seating will be expected to take 15 minutes.

As I write this, there are 36,528 people registered. In addition to the thousands of “Joe Averages” playing under a wide assortment of handles, there are also a number of players whose names appear in red in the player list. These people are part of “Team Full Tilt” and every one of them are successful poker professionals.

Browsing through that list is almost like a who’s who in professional poker. Just listing the names that I recognize makes for an impressive group:

Allen Cunningham, Andy bloch, David Pham, Erick Lindgren, Erik Seidel, Gabriella Hill, Gus Hansen, Hans Vogl, Howard Lederer, Jim McManus, Keith Sexton, Leandro Brassa, Lynette Chan, Mark Vos, Matt Sexton, Paul Sexton, Paul Wasicka, Phil Gordon, Richard Ashby

And since the game doesn’t start until Sunday Afternoon, there’s still plenty of time for more to join in. The buy-in is only $5.00 cash if you wanted to go that way and there are still a number of satellite tournaments that are paying out entries to the record breaker as prizes.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, there is a PPA Petition $3,500 Freeroll that will be starting about 90 minutes after I hit publish on this post. Right now there’s 22,818 people registered for it and it’s set to allow up to 30,000 to start.

To say the least, it’s going to be an interesting weekend.

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