My Results For The Record Breaker

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Full Tilt Poker held “The Record Breaker” tournament last Sunday and I was fortunate enough to win a seat in it. This was an attempt to break the Guinness record for the most people in an online poker tournament at one time and I think that with a starting field of 50,000 players that they probably got it done.

I went into this tournament realizing that (realistically speaking) I was probably not going to win or even make the final table. For that matter, I didn’t figure I’d even win enough for a new set of patio furniture (though honestly, I’d have to win a new patio to put it on too). My goal was to finish in the top 7,500 places and use that prize money ($15 for 7,500th to 5,???th places) to fund my account on Full Tilt for real money games.

The morning of the game I knew I was in trouble because my jaw had flared up with another one of those ^@&&$%%#~!! toothaches that always ends up causing a migraine to go along with it. In spite of that, I was there and ready when it started.

Game play was a lot more cautious than most tournament’s I’ve been in and therefore people were eliminated a lot slower. After nearly two hours of play, the toothache and migraine were getting worse and my stomach joined in with that queasy, “I think I wanna throw up but I’m not sure” feeling.

To say the least my mind was less and less on the cards as time went by. I ended up being eliminated in 24,097th place. 16,597 places out of the money.

Not to worry though. There’s another tournament coming up Saturday afternoon and I’m registered in it. It’s another $3,500 PPA Freeroll. The last one of those I was in I placed high enough to win a whopping $0.14 cents. I’m hoping to do better than that this time.

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